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Rhode Island School of Design, RISD

Rhode Island School of Design, RISD

Rhode Island School of Design, RISD

Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)’s foundation year is 1877. Although the private art school takes place in Rhode Island, it has about 2500 students from all around the US and the whole world. This popularity is understandable since RISD is considered in the top 3% percent of all animation schools. Here you will find brief information and useful links about the school:

For those who want to have a good career in the animation industry, we continue to introduce animation education schools. Rhode Island School of Design offers more than 30 programs in art, design, filmmaking, and animation. Sixteen of them are undergraduate programs. And if you are interested in higher degrees, RISD also offers Sixteen different graduate degrees in art and design.

These programs undergraduate and graduate programs include; Film/Animation/Video, Photography, Landscape Architecture, Apparel Design, Textiles, Glass, Architecture, Ceramics, Digital + Media, Painting, Industrial Design, Adaptive Reuse, Jewelry/Metalsmithing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Furniture Design, Teaching & Learning in Art & Design, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, and Illustration.

Rhode Island School of Design, Animation Degrees

The most popular animation-related one among these programs in RISD is the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film/Animation/Video. This program teaches you how to create narrative movies, animation, video effects, storyboards, and more.

Also, RISD has many impressive facilities. RISD Museum, Nature Lab, and Fleet Library are just some of them. Additionally, the school has some student-focused platforms like XYZ Magazine and RISDmade where alumni-produced products can be bought online.

There are many famous RISD alumni in the animation business. Seth Macfarlane (Creator of Family Guy), Daniel Sousa (animator and director of Feral), and Lance Wilder (animator for The Simpsons) are just some of them.

Graduates of Rhode Island School of Design are also quite frequently hired in the animation business. Many big companies such as DreamWorks, Pixar, Fox, Harmonix, HBO, and PBS have graduates of RISD worked with them.

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For More Information About the School

You can find more information on the RISD, School of Design website:

You may also want to follow the RISD’s Facebook page: and Twitter or Instagram.

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Rhode Island School of Design, RISD