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Online Animation Courses, Pros and Cons

online animation courses, pros and cons

Online Animation Courses, Pros and Cons

Online Animation Courses

Is Online Animation Courses a good way to get a career in the animation world? You have many options if you want to study an animation course. Of course, most of them are traditional schools which you need to attend by going to their location. However, you might not have enough time for this kind of attendance, or you may feel like traditional education isn’t the best way of learning for you. Moreover, you may have other reasons that don’t allow you to join the usual student groups, such as disabilities.

Fortunately, as technology improves itself over the years, nowadays there are almost as many online animation schools as there are traditional ones.

Unlike traditional animation schools, you can attend these schools online with your computer. So, don’t even need to leave your house. Since, these days, most aspects of animation are digital, doing the education online with the computer as the main platform fits the study perfectly. All the study material and animation assets can be shared through course software and imported directly into the animation software.

Benefits of the Online Animation Courses

Most of these online animation courses allow you to set your own study place. This means that it doesn’t matter how slow or fast you want to proceed through lessons, you can do it. Although some courses can have live lessons at certain times, typically either these lessons can be watched afterward if they are published live or the lessons are directly prerecorded videos you can play whenever you want.

Another benefit of online animation courses we need to touch on is that they are financially more affordable compared to traditional animation schools. As you can imagine, having physical classrooms with costs and a limited number of student capacities cause traditional schools to arrange their tuition fees accordingly. An online animation school doesn’t have these problems. So, it costs much less to get a degree or a certificate online. This financial aspect, per se, is enough to choose online schools for many people.

If online education is a new concept for you, you may think that “with this many benefits, it has to be a downside. Maybe the education quality is not good in online animation courses…”.

First of all, no, the education quality in online animation courses is not bad. The online education quality can be definitely as good as traditional schools, maybe even better. While we are on the topic, now let’s talk about the possible downsides of online animation courses.

The animation schools in the traditional manner allow you to work with your tutor in person during your projects and lesson directly. Your teachers can correct your mistakes at the moment and give you feedback and animation tips.

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Downsides of the Online Animation Courses

Although it is still possible for some online animation teachers to examine the works of their students and provide feedback if the active student numbers are manageable, this aspect is generally weaker in online animation schools because of the high numbers of active students. Typically, online courses flow as one-sided media types such as videos, podcasts, slideshows, pdf files or similar formats.

Another downside of online animation courses is again the lack of human interaction, this time not with the tutor, but with the other students. During animation studies, a large part of the learning is teamwork-based animation projects in which the courses encourage students into using their newly learned skills. In traditional schools, this activity is much easier as students are already together in one place and they somewhat know each other in person. Although there are still ways to do it on the internet nowadays, such as video conferences, chatrooms, or even mobile messaging apps, online animation courses avoid this kind of activity most of the time.

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Make a decision depending on your situation

So, if these downsides above are not deal breakers for you, those benefits of studying in the online animation courses we mentioned earlier may determine your decision understandably.

What’s left to do is find a proper online animation school to apply to. It is not an easy task to do with all the options you have these days. Some online animation courses might be doing exaggerated advertisements to attract students. Or you may be fooled by their extraordinarily low tuition fees. So, don’t hurry. Take your time and read as many comments as you can about the online animation courses you are interested in. Check their courses to see if they offer what you want to learn. Some offer only certificates while others offer degrees.

You can decide depending on what you need. Just don’t forget to check the details. As a starting point, you can read our reviews for online animation courses in related articles on this website.

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Online Animation Courses, Pros and Cons