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Animation Schools and Starting An Animation Career

animation schools and animation career

Animation Schools and Starting An Animation Career

Animation Schools

Do animation schools provide you with a good career? No doubt, yes! While the digital industries are growing more and more every year, animation and graphics artists have become more indispensable than ever in the business. Many productions such as movies, games, cartoons, or advertisements depend on competent animators.

This necessity in the business caused many people like you to consider chasing a career in the animation business. However, to get into a professional company, people need to improve their animating skills, a lot.

Some animators may be naturally talented in animation from the start while others need to learn these skills through education. Fortunately, the skills one needs in the animation business are usually teachable skills. Good animation schools can teach these skills to anyone ambitious enough.

Also, yes, you can educate yourself by using self-study materials in the form of books, videos, or online courses as well. Some of these materials are good enough to get you started in animation. However, most of the time to get into the business and have a proper animation career, you need to prove yourself to companies that you are qualified by pursuing a formal animation school education and get a certification or animation degree.

How to choose your animation school?

Because of the need for animators and the demand for animation certificates and degrees, animation schools increased in numbers during recent years. This development is easily seen by those interested in the subject. So much so that, one who wants to get an education in one of these animation schools can be confused because of so many options. So, how can you choose animation career schools that are right for you?

Animation Schools and Animation Careers

The first thing you need to do while choosing an animation school is to consider which variations of animation you want your career to continue in the future. There are many career options in the animation business after all.

For most animation schools, your age or your background doesn’t make a difference. But, they can’t give you all. You need to decide the “animation career” you want and consider which animation schools will allow you to move forward in that career. This means; You should think about what you want to do. Do you want to create animated movies? Are you interested in video games? Do you enjoy creating characters? Or, do you want to animate something else?

After you decide what you want to do, you can select animation schools that can educate you on that topic. Schools offer courses specializing in certain aspects, like 2D characters or 3D animations. Depending on what you want to do, you should choose an animation school that offers the courses you wish to have a career in.

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Animation Education Levels

By considering your career plans and needs, you can contact the animation schools that offer the education level you need. If we look at the most popular education, there are four options you can choose;

1- Certification,
2- Associate Degree,
3- Bachelor’s Degree,
4- Master’s Degree.

If you live in Europe, or if you are willing to move to another country, you can also find some schools where you can also apply for a Doctoral Degree in Animation. However, in the US, there is not any school where you can get a doctoral degree in this subject. However, don’t forget that a doctoral degree usually requires you to have some background.

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Animation Schools and Fees

With each of these four options above, you will get an education detailed at different levels. In most animation schools, education fees also show differences. Usually, higher degrees cost more. Depending on your previous experience in animation, your financial status, and the available time schedule you have, you can choose the right education type for you. As you can imagine, the higher the degree you have, the more opportunity you will find in the business.

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Some animation schools are mainly known in the business by companies hiring graduates from them frequently. So, getting your degree from one of those schools can help you significantly in starting your career. On our website, you may find the lists of all these schools and also presentations one by one.

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Animation Schools and Starting An Animation Career