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About “Animation Schools” Website

The “” website provides information about animation schools; however, it is an independent organization that has no organic connection with any animation school.

The animation industry is one of today’s most lucrative sectors. That is why it is one of the branches that young people are most interested in. There are many ways to get a career in animation; online courses, schools, colleges, private courses, and so on.

To learn the producing animations, the effectiveness of each of these ways is, of course, at different levels. The most guaranteed way for those who want to take their place in the animation industry is, of course, animation schools.

On this website, we are trying to provide informative information about animation schools, as well as any useful information for those who want to enter the sector.

To contact us and to see the Privacy Policy properties or the Sitemap of our site, you can use the relevant pages.



The information we provide about animation schools may be stale and outdated. Sometimes even the information given here may be completely wrong. In particular, the information given about the locations, schedules, and prices of schools is constantly changing and it is not easy to follow them to update quickly.

Therefore, after receiving enough information about the animation industry and animation schools, we recommend that you contact the schools and get the most accurate information from the first source.

About Us